5G and AI Raise Security Risks for IoT Devices

2020年05月01日 星期五 【科技日報報導】
活動名稱: 5G and AI Raise Security Risks for IoT Devices
開始時間: 五月一日(五) 14:00 結束時間:
主辦單位: Rambus
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5G represents a revolution in mobile technology with performance that will rival that of wireline networks. 5G’s Ultra-reliable Low Latency Communication (uRLLC) links will enable a profusion of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered IoT devices from delivery drones to smart cities. The rapid rise in the number of smart IoT devices, coupled with expanded connectivity, will greatly escalate the growth of data and network traffic.


Given the great value and potential risks, it is critical to protect the data, devices and infrastructure resulting from the confluence of 5G and AI. IoT manufacturers must implement enhanced security measures on edge and IoT devices designed for the increased performance in speed, latency, and connection density.

In this webinar, you will learn:

.The potential security risks to smart IoT devices in the emerging world of 5G and AI

.How the architecture and complexity of 5G networks increase the cyber-attack surface

.Security solutions that can safeguard AI-enabled IoT devices

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